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Founded in 1922, the Weavers' Guild of Boston is the oldest and one of the largest weavers' guilds in the United States. Guild programs educate members and the general public in the artistic and technical aspects of handweaving, and serve to advance the standards of handweaving. WGB also functions as a regional gathering for New England weavers, with many members belonging to one or more local guilds.

Weavers' Guild of Boston
Inducted into
American Textile Hall of Fame

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"On behalf of American fiber artists, and in recognition of its role as the foundation for weaving guilds across the nation," the American Textile History Museum has inducted the Weavers' Guild of Boston into the American Textile Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors those who have made significant contributions to the textile industry in America, as well as those who have advanced the place, role, and appreciation of textiles in American life. For more information about the Museum and the honor, click here.

Weaving Education and Community:

The Weavers' Guild of Boston programs and member interests cover a wide range from traditional to cutting edge. The Guild offers:

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We welcome all who are interested to join us in our pursuit of the craft and art of handweaving.

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