This Gallery is devoted to displaying weaving and pictures of our members that we want to share even when they are no longer current. Past May Meetings' annual fashion shows feature members' personal creations with humor that is hard to capture in print, but we try! The Multi-Day Workshops cover both a technical description and samples of some of our more in-depth workshops - and students at work.  Over time, other categories of work will be added.

About the Website Header and Page Art

April 2012 to Present

The header is a detail from a Carol Wooten scarf. The fabric is Bambu 12 hand painted warp and purple 20/2 tencel weft. The weave structure is point and advancing twills, 32 shafts, a modified version of a draft in Fiberworks Thrilling Twills.

Silk scarf by Carol Wooten

Anyone who can identify the weave in the browser window background has sharp eyes indeed! It is one square, computer processed, from a false damask sample woven by Nancy Kronenberg in a drawloom workshop.  But it was not done with a drawloom.  Rather, this simple piece is a 4S broken twill background with the pattern made using half-heddle sticks.  The technique and pattern are documented in detail in Damask and Opphämta by Lillemor Johansson (©1992) p. 101.

False Damask picture

Page background 2009 - 2012

In 2009 the guild site was completely redone, retaining the content and focusing on an efficient central navigation system.  Art was not a priority; nevertheless, we had an impressive page background from 32 draft designed by Laurie Autio. Not for the faint of heart! Click Draft for 32S Canvas and Plaited Twill.*

Multi-Day Workshops

parallel threading on loom

Linda Green's sampler

March 2010:  "Opposites Attract:  An Exploration of  Parallel Threadings"
taught by Bonnie Inouye.
Linda Green 2011

Once again we find Linda Green, this
time about to venture into the "L" pattern

March 2011:  "Double Weave:
Beyond the Basics"

taught by Jennifer Moore.

May Meeting

See more at May Meeting 2015


Group Photo

May 2009 group photo.

On this site, weaving credited to a weaver (including this site's background weave)
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