Guild Programs - Meetings

Monthly Meetings

The Weavers' Guild of Boston year runs from September through May, with a winter break in December and January.  The guild meets the second Wednesday of the month.  Events run from 10am to about 3pm at the Congregational Church of Westborough. (Address and Directions.)

Guests are welcome to visit, meet members, and attend the open events as well as the registered workshops (space permitting.)  There is take-home information about the guild and a membership desk if you want to join.  We ask that visitors sign in.

Morning Events, 10am - 12pm

  • Single and multi-session Morning Workshops.
  • Weavers Helping Weavers (an information-sharing session)
  • Browsing in our extensive Library (members.)
  • Yarn Sample Library - sample books from several popular yarn vendors.
  • The yarn table is not being held for the 2015 - 2016 year. If you are interested in managing the yarn table, please volunteer!
  • A bulletin board of textile-related announcements and brochures.


From noon-12:45pm members socialize and enjoy coffee, tea, and irresistible baked goods to complement their bag lunch.  About this time, knitting, hemming, fringe-finishing projects, etc., start to emerge as some members love to stay busy.  Others stroll over to the sample table to see what Guild members have been up to lately, or browse information about the afternoon speaker.

Short Business Meeting

Officers and chairpersons deliver reports.

Afternoon Speakers

From about 1:00pm to 3:00 pm a guest speaker shares his/her knowledge on some topic in textiles.

Guild Challenge

September 14, 2016 - Guild Challenge Announcement "Summer and Winter"

Weave an item using the Summer and Winter threading and any treadling you wish. In other words, use this very traditional threading either in its classic form(s) or in its more contemporary versions. There is no size limit, but be aware that this challenge may/will be exhibited at NEWS and will have some space limitations.

Document your work as usual (threading, tie-up, materials, sett etc). Date for delivery is the May 2017 Guild meeting.

If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please email Adele Harvey to let her know.

Weave! Study! Learn! Enjoy!

Note: the challenge is not part of the 100th anniversary project. You may, of course, present it for the 100th anniversary publication if you wish. You will then need to communicate with Beth Guertin who is shepherding that endeavor.

February 8, 2017

A note for February. In deference to the iffy weather, there will be no workshops or speakers in February.

Explore a selection of Sample Notebooks from the WGB Library collection. Notebooks will be displayed (by topic) on tables in the meeting room in the morning for close up perusal. These sample notebooks cannot be taken out of the library – so this is an excellent opportunity to view a good part of the collection. In the afternoon we will view some of the newer DVDs that the library has acquired.

Instructor or Leader if any: Joanne Germaine, Linda Snook, Carol McClennen, Mary Mandarino

May Meeting - May 10, 2017

The May Meeting is an annual celebration of the Guild's programs and members. A description is below, and a full agenda is announced in the Spring.

Annual Business Meeting

The Guild Dean will conduct the annual business meeting and celebrate the year's accomplishments prior to the summer break.  Committee chairpersons deliver their annual reports to the members.  Awards for both weaving accomplishments and guild work are presented.  The ratings chairperson introduces members who have earned Apprentice, Journeyman, and Masters ratings this year.  The new slate of officers is presented and voted in.

Guild Challenge: "Summer and WInter" Finale

Led by: Adele Harvey
If you participated in the challenge, bring your finished pieces to the meeting (along with your documentation). Guild members, and visitors, will be eager to see your creations.

Fashion Show

This is a no-stress, light-hearted chance to display what you have been weaving this year and receive extravagant compliments.  Artists bring and model their creations; an emcee describes each work.  Fashions may be modeled by the weaver or a friend.  Non-clothing can be held up or worn as a drape.  Creations from classes and workshops welcome.  Treat us to as many pieces as you wish. To help the emcee describe your work, please print and fill out one Entry Form for each item, in advance, and bring completed forms to the meeting.  If you would prefer to complete the 'e-form', click here, and then print the form after you have completed it.

If you would like a photograph of you and your work to appear on the Guild's website -- optional but fun! --  arrive early, before the Business Meeting, to get ready and be photographed. For more inspiration, have a look at the Fashion Show from the May Meeting 2016.

Potluck Luncheon

Members are encouraged to bring a mug, plate, eating utensils, napkin, and - if you enjoy gracious living - a hand woven placemat.  Each member should bring a dish, beverage, or dessert to serve 4 – 6 people, along with serving implements.  (Please secure an ingredients list for your dish to help people with dietary restrictions - thank you.)  Coffee and tea are on the house.

If your Guild Number is below 1000 or your birth date is before 1923 (here's to you!) please be our guest - you are exempt from bringing a food contribution.

Meeting Cancellations

In case of severe weather, guild meetings are cancelled if the Westborough Public Schools are closed. Boston television stations and WBZ AM radio broadcast school closings. The guild also sends an email to members in case of cancellation. You may call the Dean or Associate Dean to verify. Please do not call the Church Office.  Speakers/Workshops for cancelled meetings are sometimes rescheduled over some of the May Meeting activities, so stay tuned as we make our way through the snowy winter.