Guild Programs - Study and Learning

The Weavers' Guild of Boston offers numerous educational opportunities which cover all levels of weaving from never-unwound-a-skein through independent study to earn a Master Weaver Plus rating.  Workshops are usually pre-registered and open to both guild members and non-members (space permitting.) Entering a morning workshop on the day of the workshop is possible if there is space available and no advance preparation needed.

Morning Workshops

Morning workshops are short studies covering specific topics, e.g., a particular weave, or technique. These workshops are in the mornings of the Wednesday meetings and may be a single 2-hour session or multiple sessions spanning several meetings.  Sometimes they request a little advance preparation or give homework.
Workshop Calendar
Morning Workshop Descriptions.

Multi-Day Workshops

Each year the guild offers one or two multi-day, more intensive “special workshops” taught by an acknowledged expert in his/her field. A typical special workshop lasts three full days, and usually involves weaving at the workshop. Weaving experience is normally required.
Workshop Calendar
Multi-Day Workshops

Discussion Groups

WGB has two listservs through YahooGroups! to help members, near and far, get acquainted and stay in touch with one another. Members_WGB is the general interest group. It's a good place to find out about guild and area events or ask a weaving question and get help quickly.

Ratings_WGB is for WGB members interested in the ratings program. Here, you can find out more about the ratings and exchange ideas and experiences with other weavers who are pursuing a rating or have earned one already.

To join either members-only group, click the appropriate yahoo link:

If you have trouble joining, email  Please include your real name.