Ratings Program

The Guild offers a weaving ratings program for full members.  Four levels may be achieved by a weaver:  Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Master Plus.  The program is a valuable study guide which offers critical analysis of your work as you progress and bestows recognition on those who meet the standards.

Each rating must be earned in sequence, starting with Apprentice.  Ratings submission packages, consisting of weaving, written answers to questions, and a project notebook, may be submitted once a year.  The work is anonymously evaluated by three judges, at least two of whom are master weavers, according to criteria outlined in the Requirements.  The candidate receives written feedback.

To give you a flavor of what's involved, Apprentice requires six woven articles (plus three gamps or two gamps and a color wheel) demonstrating good knowledge of small number of weaves, sound technique, project planning and record keeping.  Journeyman is a more ambitious undertaking.  It requires about twelve projects that exhibit thorough knowledge of ten weaves, excellent technique, and application of color theory.

Sharon Bowles Apprentice Pkg

Sharon Bowles, Apprentice Weaver

Luxe Color Wheel

A Luxe Color Wheel by
Apprentice Carol McClennen

Samples from Master Rating

Three Pieces From Deborah Watson's Master Weaving Submission

Master Weaver candidates prepare in-depth sampler studies of multiple treadlings on a single threading, rug, doubleweave, and tapestry work, as well as original use of a variety of fibers.  Master Weavers are also expected to demonstrate teaching skills by submitting a paper, lesson plan, short talk or other teaching vehicle.  Master Plus consists of an in-depth, focused study of a single topic with extensive documentation and sampling.

The requirements were last revised in April, 2010. The most significant change was allowing the weavers to choose the type of equipment to use, and judging their mastery of that equipment. This permits greater latitude in using computer controlled looms.

When you are ready to read all about it, click the PDF*  Ratings Requirements  and start planning your campaign! After you have read the requirements, you can contact the current ratings chair, Deb Watson if you have questions or need additional information.

Download the  Ratings Submission Forms * to submit with your woven items.  The forms package contains the weaving information sheet to fill out as well as draft sheets for various numbers of shafts.  Print the pages you need to use and fill them out by hand.  Or, if you have PDF editing capability (available from www.adobe.com and not free) then you may edit the pages you need in this file directly and print.  Either way, submit an information sheet and draft with each woven item.

* Almost everyone has Adobe Acrobat Reader, needed to open PDF documents. If you do not, download it from www.adobe.com which is a trusted site. pdf icon